Brockwood Park Annual Appeal 2013

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Bill TaylorDear Friends,

Thirty years ago, I made the journey from New Zealand to England in the hope of being accepted as a mature student at Brockwood Park. I’d had a keen interest in the Teachings for some time. As I sat in a sweltering transit lounge in Bombay, waiting for a connecting flight, I was dumbstruck to see the doors open and Krishnamurti walk in to board the same flight to London. I now felt certain I was travelling in the right direction, at the right time, and the journey ended for both of us at Brockwood.

That was in 1983. In the same year, Krishnamurti wrote the following: ‘For fourteen years Brockwood has been a school. It began with many difficulties, lack of money and so on, and we all helped to build it to its present condition.’ He continued, ‘Now Brockwood must be much more than a school; it must be a centre for those who are deeply interested in the Teachings…’

The intervening years have brought many challenges and opportunities to Brockwood and it has flourished. As Krishnamurti wished, it has become much more than a school: the Krishnamurti Foundation, Brockwood Park School, the Krishnamurti Centre and Inwoods Small School are all firmly established as a part of this larger vision. Brockwood remains, as Krishnamurti wished it to be, ‘a place where integrity can flower.’

I am writing to you as the Development Director for the whole of Brockwood and it is clear to me that when Krishnamurti said ‘we all helped to build it’, he was not simply referring to those of us living and working here, but to everyone around the world who experienced the urgency of the Teachings, who saw the need for them to have a European centre in Brockwood, and who supported this with their generosity.

Today we still need your help to ensure Brockwood thrives so in this, our Annual Appeal, I am asking you to assist us by making a donation to one, or more, of the project funds that are dear to us at the moment. The details of these are shown below. Make an easy online gift now.

I sometimes wonder what Krishnamurti would make of Brockwood now were he to suddenly appear. He always challenged us, so I expect he would do the same now and there would be no room for complacency. However, I think he might also be quietly pleased that Brockwood is much more than a school, that it is graced with beautiful new buildings, that the magnificent trees, meadows and Grove are still here and being cared for and that it ‘…remains a centre for those deeply interested in the Teachings.’ Please assist us in keeping it this way.

Best wishes,


Bill Taylor,
Development Director for Brockwood Park


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For the 2013 Annual Appeal we are highlighting the following projects, one for each of the four Brockwood Park departments:

This year, Brockwood Park School has two vital areas of need and any donation income will be divided equally among them unless otherwise specified by the donor. Firstly we wish to refurbish and make much needed improvements to classrooms and to The Cloisters (boarding accommodation for the boys). This initiative follows on from the completion of our new Pavilions boarding houses and is part of an overall upgrade of School facilities. Secondly we wish to continue support for the Student Bursary Fund which offers much needed financial aid to deserving students from across the world who could not otherwise afford to attend Brockwood. Around 30% of our students receive some form of bursary ensuring that they can benefit from an education inspired by Krishnamurti’s vision. We hope to raise around £40,000 to be equally divided between these two areas of need. To support Brockwood Park School click here

The Krishnamurti Centre is hoping to raise £25,000 for essential improvements to rooms, building and grounds. In particular our guest rooms still have the original curtains in them, dating from the opening of the Centre 25 years ago. These are in very poor condition and need replacement. And in our beautiful courtyard we would like to grace the pond with a purpose built fountain which would fulfill a wish of Krishnamurti’s to have the sound of running water as a feature in the building. By giving to the Centre you are helping make available an extraordinary place for quiet contemplation and the study of Krishnamurti’s teachings. To support The Krishnamurti Centre click here.

Inwoods Small School has an urgent need for a permanent gazebo. This outdoor covered space will have a dual function: pupils will be able to eat lunch there and play under its roof, but it will also be used as an outdoor classroom. The cost of construction is estimated to be £10,000. Your support for this outdoor covered space will mean a significant improvement in the learning environment of our very youngest pupils. You will be helping to make sure that Inwoods staff and students have a flexible multi-use space to support their curriculum inspired by Krishnamurti’s educational vision. To support Inwoods Small School click here.

The Krishnamurti Foundation continues its valuable work of making available and preserving the teachings. It has seen excellent progress this year in the production and sale of 60 different videos and 30 audio talks previously unreleased; it continues to support the official (free for use) online repository of Krishnamurti’s teachings (; It has found publishers for new Krishnamurti books in Germany, Holland, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Turkey and the Czech Republic; and its archives work, concerned with the preservation of video, audio, photos, books and original manuscripts, is on-going. One of its most remarkable achievements in the last year has been the subtitling of around 25 of Krishnamurti’s talks into 20 different languages. And an exciting development is the burgeoning interest in Krishnamurti in China, where more than 60 of his books have now been translated and published. The Krishnamurti Foundation is seeking £25,000 in donations to be used to support all areas of its work. To support the Krishnamurti Foundation click here.