Moving With The Seasons, Star in the East, Krishnamurti Via Podcast, A Site To See, Autumn At The Krishnamurti Centre.
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Moving With the Seasons at Brockwood Park School
How do our bodies respond to the changes in seasons? And how is the daily rhythm of our bodies different at different ages and stages of life? Staff and students at Brockwood reflected on this together and made changes to our daily schedule, as this article published in the Independent Schools Association explains.

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Alumni Fund
Star in the East Author Gives Talk
Roland Vernon, author of the book ‘Star in the East: Krishnamurti, the Invention of a Messiah’, spoke at a Friends of Brockwood Gathering. His fascinating talk revisited his historical and biographical account of the extraordinary individuals and circumstances that shaped Krishnamurti’s early life. View now.
Reunion 2019
New Inwoods Video Released
Inwoods parent Chris Petch has made a beautiful three minute-long video about the school. Krishnamurti’s voice guides us through an introduction to Inwoods’ approach to education, with freedom, relationship and nature as a foundation for learning. View now.
Residential Art Teacher Needed
An exciting opportunity has come up to join Brockwood Park School’s teaching staff in 2020 as a Residential Art Teacher. A full job description is available online here. Read more.
Krishnamurti via Podcast
This new, official podcast by Krishnamurti Foundation Trust features conversations between Krishnamurti and luminaries from many paths, readings of a classic by actor Terence Stamp and much more. Read more.
Reunion 2019
A Site To See
The school has recently announced the release of its brand new website. Brockwood is thriving and this stunning new site is a testament to this, offering a window into the whole of school life. View now.
Reunion 2019
2020 Summer Work Party
The tradition of the Summer Work Party continues. Next July, you're invited back to help us look after Brockwood’s unique space in the school summer holidays. Read more.
Autumn at the Krishnamurti Centre
Autumn is the season of change, when old leaves fall and nature prepares for winter hibernation. The Centre team are looking inwards to maintenance and website redesign over the winter, in order to start in February 2020 with a calendar of diverse events and retreats. Read more.
BP 50th
Over 20 In-Depth Features
Explore Krishnamurti's teachings through In-Depth articles on the new Foundation website – on offer, over 20 features including: Creativity; Time and the timeless; What will you do with your life? Read more.

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