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Welcome to Friends of Brockwood Park

I feel that for Brockwood to be a sort of centre of light and all the things that Krishnamurti felt it would be, we need the input of people all over the world who feel about this as we do; who feel that Krishnamurti had this unique gift which he offered us all. -Dr Mary Cadogan, Former KFT Trustee

People from around the world have created and maintained Brockwood Park with their generosity, care and affection. These are qualities we generally associate with friendship and perhaps this best describes the many contacts Brockwood has helped form over the years. In his talks, Krishnamurti often made reference to the importance of friendship and the easy flow of sharing and inquiry that accompanied it. Without effort or threat, the presence of a friend reminds us of what is valuable and good in life.

The intention of Friends of Brockwood Park is to build a community of like-minded people around the work that is done here. We wish to share what we do with all who have an interest in the teachings of Krishnamurti and in how these find expression at Brockwood. This website will allow you to catch the latest Brockwood news, see issues of our new quarterly e-newsletter, Brockwood Park ePost, link with our social network page, and explore the different departments of Brockwood Park using the buttons on the right. We also hope you will feel inspired to register as a Friend of Brockwood Park, helping support the work of Brockwood well into the future.

As the only centre of its kind in Europe, Brockwood plays a vital role in preserving and making available to all the legacy of Krishnamurti. Those of us who are custodians of this legacy at Brockwood feel enormously grateful to all who have helped to make it flourish and we would like to invite you to join with us in ensuring that we build on this marvellous endeavour.

We are two friends sitting in a park on a bench, talking over together our problems, friends who are concerned deeply with what is going on in the world, with the confusion, the chaos that exists throughout the world. I wonder if you have a friend with whom you talk, to whom you expose your own feelings, your concepts, your ideas, disillusionment, and so on. We are going to talk over together in that manner - exploring, enquiring, without any bias, in great friendship, which means, with great affection, respecting each other…
J. Krishnamurti, Mind Without Measure, Talks in New Delhi, 1st Public Talk, 30th October, 1982, ‘The Root Cause of Confusion’

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Why support Brockwood? In this video, longtime donor Manoj Krishna explains why he supports the work of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust at Brockwood Park.